Our Drinks


While concoction of ginger, lemon, kale, and orange juice might be a new experience for many,  it is not for Royal Quarter. Twenty-five years ago inspired by a trip to Rio de Janeiro, a land where experiencing fresh juices resides deep in its culture, Doron humbly opened his first Juice/Cafe place in North London. The business expanded and so did the Drinks Menu but for Doron, the freshly made juices will always be celebrated


Royal Quarter Cafe & Restaurant offers a selection of Meantime beers by the bottle: Raspberry Wheat, Chocolate Potter and London Lager. Perfecting the ultimate English lager has been a 20-year labour of love for Meantime founder Alastair. A London brew with country roots, it’s a straightforward, clean, long-matured, unpasteurised lager that burst with the classic flavours of East Anglian malt and Kentish hops.


Ranging from elegant to lively, our wine selection complements the food experience of our guests by telling different stories from selected parts of the world.

We create a wine list with our own tasting notes, selecting small producers to align our selves with the ever growing desire for organic, vegan and low/no alcohol wines to satisfy the most curious palate. 


Unusual, great selection of all-time classics, expect a mix of fresh ingredients such a mint, mango and berries filled with just exceptional spirits.

Royal Bartender recommendation: Pink Gin Spritz, made with pink gin, lemonade & prosecco. Just what you need to beat the heat. Order one now and enjoy our cocktails as much as we enjoy making them!